Registered Nurses

Audience Synergy first began in 2015 as a publisher launching ModernNurse magazine.  While our publication has continued to grow and thrive, our ambition to help advertisers reach specialty RNs did not stop there.  Through our ExactNurse database, we have helped healthcare employers and their recruitment agencies target nurses, by specialty across all digital and social channels.  Now for 2022, we have published the first comprehensive specialty RN audience for self-service use by Employers, Pharmaceutical brands, Nursing schools and healthcare advertisers of all types.

Audience Highlights

  • Over 4 million RN profiles verified by active licenses
  • Optimized for Programmatic and Social Reach
  • Over 60 segments built for recruitment, pharma and education marketing
  • Deterministically built from over 100 data sources including specialty credentials, social profiles, resumes and more.

Find our full specialty taxonomy in the LiveRamp data marketplace and natively in top DSPs.

Email us via [email protected] to request a capabilities presentation, specialty counts, segment deployment to your ad platform seat or to discuss use for social media.


Managed Service

Audience Synergy will execute your multi-channel media campaigns using our proprietary healthcare audiences.

We handle it all

Let us handle your ad execution.  With our managed service, just let us know who you want to reach and provide the creatives.  We handle audience targeting, campaign setup, brand safety, delivery, optimization and measurement.  Simply choose your specialty and geography, we will do the rest.

Be confident, knowing that best-practices are utilized across all areas of your media execution.

Self Service

Use our Healthcare Audiences in your own Ad Platform for maximum control.

You control it all

With our self-service options we can deploy any of our healthcare audiences directly into your DSP or other ad platform.  Seamlessly execute against an audience based on specialties, list-match, prescriptive or diagnosing behavior and more.  Reach virtually every target Physician, NP/PA, Nurse or Pharmacist with your message.

Additional options exist for us to provide Physician-level measurement when you use our audiences in MediaMath or The Trade Desk.

Employers: Be Proactive With Your Recruitment Marketing

With our national audience of specialty nurses available, employers longer have to wait for a nurse to stumble upon your job posts to get their attention.  Use targeted banners and social media to share events, hiring incentives, and news about new facilities and opportunities with the perfect candidates in your market.

Strategic employers know that candidates are migrating toward trusted brands who recognize their value.  With the ability to run targeted nurse branding campaigns using Connected TV and Streaming Audio,  employers can drive brand awareness and grow their reputation among healthcare workers before a job search even begins.

Get Social

Activate our specialty nursing audiences in your agency’s social advertising account and deliver hyper-targeted specialty nurse campaigns for all of your clients in response to the most pressing openings.

Our self-service audiences are available for activation across over 100 ad platforms and publishers including:

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