Conferences & Continuing Education

In-market Physicians, NP/PAs and Nurses are clamoring to know about your events and educational opportunities.  We help you get the word out efficiently and affordably.

Proprietary Healthcare Audiences

  • Physicians by Specialty
  • NP / PAs by Specialty
  • Registered Nurses by Specialty
  • Pharmacists by Specialty

Two Engagement Options

  • Managed Service - Let us manage your campaign
  • Self-Service - Use your own Social Account and Ad Platform

Drive Registration and Attendance

After several years of a challenging work environment and personal isolation, healthcare professionals will soon be ready to travel, connect and socialize at in-person events. Whether they want to shift the direction of their career, or just maintain their professional license from a relaxing location; 2022 will be an important year for event and CE promotors to offer opportunities for in-person engagement.

Complement your in-house email and website network with programmatic advertising, maximizing reach to in-market HCPs to build awareness, drive traffic, leads and conversions.

Reach HCPs by Specialty or Target List

  • Social Media

  • Web Banners

  • Connected TV

  • Streaming Audio

We can suppress your in-house list by NPI and build a custom segment for you to reach out to!

Get Social

Activate our specialty physician, NP/PA and nursing audiences directly in your social media advertising account.

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