Highlight the benefits of membership or subscription to every HCP within your specialty.  Drive site-traffic to your content, increase event registrations and engage lapsed members by efficiently reaching them on their personal devices.

Proprietary Healthcare Audiences

  • Physicians by Specialty
  • NP / PAs by Specialty
  • Registered Nurses by Specialty
  • Pharmacists by Specialty

Two Engagement Options

  • Managed Service
  • Self-Service Programmatic

Get the word out

Driving traffic and promoting content across endemic networks can be extremely expensive. With our audience and advertising capabilities, you can drive traffic from mass-market websites by delivering your banners and native ads to your specialty HCPs when they read the news, catch up on sports or just take a break from professional content.

When you have events, special offers, receive awards or garner mainstream news coverage, programmatic advertising is the least expensive and most efficient way to make sure your members and prospects hear about it.

Top Placements for Societies and Publishers

  • Social Media

  • Web Banners

  • Native Ads / Content Streams

  • Streaming Audio - Podcasts

Get Social

Activate our specialty physician, NP/PA and nursing audiences directly in your social media advertising account.  Benefit from viral sharing when your content is compelling, provocative or just ripe for discussion.  Build surveys and reach specialists outside of your membership/subscriber base for content development.

Our self-service audiences are available for activation across these top ad platforms and publishers

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