Patient Health Advertising

We don’t believe in guessing who is seeing your ad. That is why our patient audiences are opt-in, self-declared and deterministic.  Our NAI-compliant health audiences are not based on behavior, context or assumption.  We help you reach in-market patients looking for your solution to their problem.

Opt-in Patient Audiences

  • 130 Unique Ailments
  • Millions of Patients allow sufficient scale
  • Household Versions Optimized for Connected TV
  • 19 Oncology Audiences

*Certain segments only available to FDA-Approved Products

Two Engagement Options

  • Managed Service:  CTV, Banners, Streaming Audio and more!
  • Self-Service Programmatic: Deploy to any LiveRamp Destination

Compare us to Modeled Audience Providers

Patient health privacy and choice are cornerstones of any medical marketing strategy. However, modeled audiences that attempt to predict which 10% of the entire US is most likely to have your target conditions are limited in their effectiveness. The alternative is our opt-in and permission based audience of patients who have requested information about a condition, and provided consent for brands to market to them related to that need.

The best way to validate the difference is to test our health audiences against modeled audience providers. We are confident you will see a better response and ROI when reaching the engaged and permissioned patient segments we represent.

Multiple Ways to Engage

  • Custom Email - Managed Service Only

  • Web Banners

  • Connected TV

  • Streaming Audio

Our opt-in patient audiences are available for activation across these top ad platforms and publishers

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