Physician-level Reporting

Until recently, Physician-level reporting was only available for expensive campaigns within walled gardens and subscription medical sites.  Those however fail to deliver the reach and scale needed to drive key brand initiatives.  Audience Synergy has built audiences and tools to enable physician-level data across all programmatic placements, with options for managed or self-service ad execution.

Standard Physician-level Data:

  • Included with every managed service Physician, NP/PA campaigns
    using web banners, CTV, Pre-roll Video, Native ads
    and streaming audio.
  • Can be customized for easy-onboarding into clients CRM
  • Includes Name, Specialty and Business Address
  • Covers all clicks and impressions (if preferred)

Also Available for Self-Service Clients

  • Supported in The Trade Desk and Media Math DSPs
  • Standard PLD is included in our self-serve data CPMs
  • Your DSP Logs are delivered to our DMP
  • Audience Synergy appends NPI and PLD then delivers to agency / advertiser

Know exactly who engages with your media

Physician-level data is quickly becoming a prerequisite for modern pharmaceutical marketing. To accurately measure campaign effectiveness and complete multi-touch attribution to support media, results must be reported down to the individual level. Audience Synergy has built out a complete system from HCP targeting to deliver and reporting which allows clients to receive Physician-level data across all managed service campaigns. Even advertisers who are not yet leveraging this data for decisioning appreciate seeing that the right specialties and specialists are being reached every month.

Self-service clients can also use our HCP audiences within their trading desks and receive the same detailed reporting from Audience Synergy at no additional cost. Reach out to our team Today to learn how you can improve your campaign accuracy and measurement with the help of our Physician-level reporting.

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