Healthcare Data

Self Service

Audience Synergy in partnership with Data360 have published a comprehensive set of healthcare audiences covering Physicians, NP/PAs, RNs, Pharmacists and over 130 Patient health conditions.

Proprietary Healthcare Audiences

  • Physicians by Specialty
  • NP / PAs by Specialty
  • Registered Nurses by Specialty
  • Pharmacists by Specialty
  • 130 Patient Health Audiences

Also available:  List match (93% average Physician Match rate!),  RX/Prescriber Behavior, ICD10 Diagnosing Behavior, Rare Disease, Secondary audiences such as LPN, CNA, Respiratory Therapy, Managed Care leaders and more.  Just ask.

Accessing Our Audiences

  • All Primary Specialties are syndicated in the LiveRamp Data Marketplace
  • We can push any audience to your DSP or Ad Platform (No LiveRamp account required)
  • Audiences are native in many top DSPs including MediaMath
  • Two options for Social Deployment:  LiveRamp or Direct License

Additional services include Physician-level measurement appended to your ad server logs.

Built for maximum reach across Connected TV, Social and Personal Devices

Most Physician and HCP data providers use work emails and business addresses to build their audiences, or rely on behavioral cues to make assumptions about specialty. Audience Synergy is the exclusive programmatic provider for a comprehensive set of npi-verified healthcare practitioner databases built on home addresses and personal emails that match far better for programmatic campaigns.

In partnership with Data360, our Physician audiences cover over 93% of active Physicians built from opt-in personal emails and home addresses. We also publish household-matched versions for every specialty to greatly improve Connected TV reach.
Because our audiences are 1:1 and built with NPI numbers we can deliver you Physician-level data on campaigns run within your own Trade Desk or Media Math seat.

Premium Data at Affordable Prices

  • Specialty Physician: $15.00 CPM

  • Specialty NP/PA: $15.00 CPM

  • Specialty RN: $12.00 CPM

  • DTP - Patient : $3.50 CPM

  • Custom List Match: $15.00 CPM

  • RX/Prescribing / ICD10 Diagnosing: Custom Quote

  • Social Media: 25-33% of spend

Get Social - Self-serve Social Deployment Options

Agencies with a LiveRamp data store account can leverage their consumer-social program to deliver any of our healthcare audiences directly into their accounts across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and LinkedIn.  All other advertisers can use our audiences in Facebook and Instagram with a direct agreement.

Our self-service audiences are available for activation across 115+ DSPs and Publishers, including:

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