Audience Synergy and Data360 have formed a strategic partnership to bring the power of their combined healthcare audiences to the programmatic advertising industry.  Together, their data offering represents a comprehensive healthcare audience covering physicians, NP/PAs, registered nurses, pharmacists and patients.

Advertisers will find unparalleled reach with over 1 million active physicians, NPs and PAs.  The audience is built using npi-verified opt-in emails and home addresses, and is optimized for reach across social channels, connected TV and personal devices.  The registered nursing audience represents the largest specialty RN database published for programmatic targeting, with over 6o syndicated specialties for recruitment, education and pharma advertisers.

A complete taxonomy of specialties across all practitioner types is available in the LiveRamp data marketplace and natively in top DSPs for activation across all digital and social channels.  Audience Synergy is providing additional services to programmatic clients including audience deployment, list-matching, custom segments, managed service campaigns and physician-level reporting.

The opt-in patient audiences include over 130 self-declared conditions and are ideal for pharmaceutical advertisers looking for an NAI-compliant alternative to modeled audiences.

“With the deprecation of cookies and a focus on privacy, there is a major need for opt-in and permissioned HCP audiences that are validated by NPI number for list-matching and measurement.  The coverage we can offer with our deterministic audiences will help advertisers increase reach and outperform business-focused physician audiences when matching to social networks and Connected TV in particular.” states Jason B. Smith, President of Audience Synergy.

“By combining our databases and publishing them as one comprehensive healthcare audience, we are able to serve the full range of needs for Pharma and healthcare brands across their HCP and DTP marketing campaigns with a single point of service.”

For additional information, please contact the Audience Synergy data team using their contact form at .